Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bankruptcy Burden

We're not economists, and certainly not of the Chris Flanagan/Mark Zandi ilk, but thought we'd give it a bash for a change and share with you all some of our thoughts on the October bankruptcy filings, which were up a troubling 13% from September for the US as a whole.

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While an increase is understandable -- if not expected -- the rate of increase (i.e., the convexity) is disturbing.

As is typical, the lion's share (+- 95%) of these are non-commercial and heavily concentrated (99%) among chapters 7 and 13 of the bankruptcy code, although the distribution differs vastly from state to state (see table below).

We know October was a tough month for fixed-income, and by extension for banks and hedge funds, but the pain here remains non-commercial (think residential homeowners with little equity in their houses, in areas exhibiting strong home price depreciation).

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We found this to be largely consistent with's Dismal Scientist's analysis of recessionary vs. at risk states from last month (the top 5 are all in red, and the bottom 5 -- aside from Mississippi -- are all in orange, for now.)

We'll keep you posted on changes as the commercial real estate difficulties start to take their toll on corporate sustainability.

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