Thursday, November 5, 2009

Piercing the Securitization

Wells Fargo is cursing the day it agreed to act as trustee on the Tropic and the Soloso TruPS CDO series...

For those not following, TPG found a loophole in the deal docs which allows it to cherry pick assets directly out of the CDO's portfolio, at ridiculously discounted prices, if 66.66+% of the CDO’s equity agrees to it.

TPG aims to secure the equity’s vote by paying them a consent fee* – obviously, this is bad for all the rated notes (who were hoping for par or at the very least a real market price).

* bribe

Read more here.

Tropic IV CDO Ltd.'s equity has voted. No surprise there, the equity went with yes.

Whether or not to execute, on the equity’s yes, is now Wells Fargo’s call - this leaves them in a bit of an awkward position: (1) accept and get sued by the rated notes, (2) reject and get sued by the equity.

This past Monday, Wells Fargo turned to a higher power, the United States District Court Southern District of New York, to protect itself against/resolve the Tropic IV CDO Ltd. dispute and all related future disputes.

Only have a hard copy of the Wells Fargo's interpleader complaint. Will update with a link soon.

The complaint discloses some of the participants involved in the Tropic IV CDO Ltd. dispute – see below.

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